Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Hate & Bigotry: Not Just A Right-Wing Thing Anymore

WSJ opinion columnist, Lanny Davis, is now saying that us Right-Wingers no longer hold the exclusive rights to hate and bigotry. We never did, you dumb shit. The left has always had it's racists, it's bigots and hate mongers. But it's nice for one of their own to finally see the light. Read some of the things people on these "Progressive" blogs are saying about Joe Lieberman all because he made the Cardinal sin of supporting the War On Terror. How dare he.

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Anonymous said...

You tell him! I hate it when the left has nothing to say, no defense, other than to toss out the 'racist' label. And you are right about poor Joe Lieberman. If he gets defeated it will just prove the Dems have no credibility when it comes to fighting this war on terror.

Anonymous said...

Never has been "right-Wing" since I have been an adult. Its started showing itself to me in the left back in the 1960's. Now those freaks and communist's are in charge of the leftist political groups so it is no wonder people have been noticing.