Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm Back: News On Iran

Okay, I know I said one week, which would mean I should be back tomorrow, but I had to jump on this story. Does anyone really think Iran is serious. Except Za that is. I mean, he still believes they want nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and not a nuclear weapon. I mean, why would Ahmadinejad risk the response attack on Iran should he detonate a nuke over Israel? Other than the fact that this camel fucker believes that the end times are coming and that it's his job to help the world bow to Islam. Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

This is simple, really. Well, as simple as a situation like this can be. But it all hangs on whether the U.N., and Kofi Annan, has balls or not. The ultimatum: Iran stops the enrichment of uranium or the U.N. will shut the country down. Absolutely no exporting or importing of any good or services. That means no more selling of oil to help raise money for Hezbollah. France, Germany and Russia will be pissed, but fuck them. But like I said, this all depends on the size of Kofi's sack. Which, in the past, has been pretty small.

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Liora's Dad said...

Yep. We all know how helpful the U.N. will be in the next few days. Check out thier latest ad campaign:

Personally endorsed by Kofi Annan.

Great post, and welcome back!