Thursday, October 12, 2006

Glad I Didn't Go To College

This Was Sent To Me By John K

I wish I could say I was shocked or surprised, but I'd be lying if I did. This is what many colleges are becoming. A place of Left-wing hatred and ignorance. Our friend DeoDuce knows all about intolerant Left-wing professors. I'm kind of glad I was too dumb and poor to go to one. No telling what I would have come out believing.


Anonymous said...

You do realise that in university they get you to read all points of view, so that way you can compare and contrast and come to your own conclusions, right?

Anonymous said...

Za; Only if the professor lets you.
There are hundreds and thousands of stories from former and current students from Universities all over the USA; of harrasment and blackmail for students who come to a different conclusions concerning the issues that what the Left Professor is teaching.
That is why Horowitz's Idea of an "Academic Bill of Rights" is gaining influence accross this country.

Christopher Lee said...
From a Penn State student written in 2003.

Za, you living in Australia, might not know this but in this country, in many Universities, if you have a Conservative opinion, and dare to speak it aloud, you're labeled a racist, bigot, homophone, hate monger, intolerant and so forth. There have been a few incidences where a professor will actually fail a student because they dared to disagree with his/her view of the world.

Anonymous said...

Chris, the article you linked to uses rhetoric that starts contradicting itself in the second paragraph. It makes the assertion that the conservatives are anit-oppression, in a manner that suggests the minorities are pro-oppression.

1) How does one oppress the mainstream viewpoint? (or at least the article seems to imply it's the mainstream viewpoint)
2) How does trying to silence minority viewpoints count as anti-oppression?
3) How does trying to give minorities more of a voice count as oppression?
4) How is affirmative action "oppressive"?
5) How is it "oppressive" to prevent people from spouting hate speech or performing hate crimes?
6) If you don't like Penn State, there are plenty of other universities.

Finally, and this is something important - if you were studying physics, and you tried to argue to your professor that gravity pulls up, would you pass or fail? I imagine you'd fail. But golly gee, you've just been failed for disagreeing with your professor's world view! So that assertion doesn't hold weight until you can actually see what the student said.

And since when are you so damned timid anyway? If someone calls you a homophobe, why on earth would you shut up and sit down? Anyone with half a brain would respond - "No, I'm not, because of this, this and this, you're simply wrong because of...". But I guess that's just what "oppression" must do to people.

Anonymous said...

Easier said than done, Za. Especially when your future is at stake. Grades; recomendations scholarships etc. The agenda of a professor who holds the future in his hands is not something to be triffled with. You play or go home.

Anonymous said...

Or take it to the appeals office - it's not "your future at stake", it's a single mark.

This is why I find the whole "poor me, I'm an oppressed Conservative" line so ridiculous; because all universities have inbuilt systems where you could appeal any decision, or, in the case of the Pennsylvania State article, take recordings of such events, and have the university do something about it.

The only way you could be considered oppressed is if (a) you didn't do anything about it and just whine (which is what the author of that article seems to have done) - and that's self-oppression, or (b) if the entire university administration is against you, and apparently such university conspiracies haven't hindered the MANY Republican members who have degrees under their belts.

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to bet that many students have done exactly that. Some resolved; many not. The systematic corruption of these colleges and universities is entrenched and unresistant to change.
Pointing out the descrimination itself is not whining and "One mark" can get you a diploma or not.
One mark can also get you a great job after school or severly limit your chances at a good job. You should know this already. But you feign ignorance.

Timmer of Righting America said...

Indian Chris -

My wife was attending a community college last semester. In her Psych class, of all subjects, she ran into this same problem. After disagreeing with the professor's need to push a liberal viewpoint in examples given, she became little more than a pariah in this class.

Of course, you might ask why it is necessary for this jagass to politicize anything in a psych class. Good question.

Anonymous said...

Yes John, a single mark can make the difference between a diploma or none - but most people don't ride that line unless they're woefully unable to fulfill the course's assessment criteria.

And no, the difference between job availability with a degree to without one is sweet jack all. There are plenty of good jobs that don't need one, and plenty of degrees that are completely useless.

And you've still yet to point out how so many conservatives have degrees, if this is such an entrenched conspiracy against them.

However I'll give you one point - pointing out "discrimination" isn't whining. However, giving up all pretense at being self-willed because someone called you a homophobe is. It's just plain gutless.

Anonymous said...

You didn't go to college? huh? It would take a right wing GOP supporter to come up with the theory that learnin' is for stupid people.

Anonymous said...

And it would take a Democrat/communist/terrorist sypathizer and supporter to forward the theory that stupidity/ignorance is only for the under-educated.