Sunday, October 8, 2006

How To Start A War

Step 1: Test a nuclear weapon

This is the first step to a new generation of warfare. North Korea has tested a nuke and now the U.S. will have to raise their alert level. It's a bad situation all around. But maybe now the U.N. Security Council will get off their apathetic asses and do something. But you know there will be those that blame Bush for this.

"He didn't do enough to stop this."
"He should have agreed to one on one talks with North Korea."

So, I ask why? Why is it always America's job to handle situations like this? Isn't that what the United Nations is for? Why is it always the U.S. that gets the blame when something along the lines of this happens? It's happening with Darfur and, I may be jumping the gun only to find out that I'm totally wrong, but it'll probably happen now. With the election less than a month away it only seem natural that politicians will jump on this to help their campaign. Whether you want to pass blame around or not, this is a bad situation we're in.


Anonymous said...

Um... I'm sorry if my own personal terror level isn't being moved up to mauve or whatever... but NK's had nukes for years, so this isn't actually anything amazing or motivating. I mean, the CIA knew of, what? At least six nuclear sites prior to the Iraq war?

Oh, as a side note, you'll have to update my link soon. Apparently I'm being given by my friend who currently hosts my site, and the old server's being let go. The change-over's being made in a few days though.

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to raise this before you do.

Might be true, but that doesn't stop the fact that NK was already nuclear before 2003.

Mauro Annarumma said...

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Christopher Lee said...

Sure thing.