Sunday, October 1, 2006

In Case You Missed It

Squirrels are attacking people in Mountain Veiw, California. First Florida, now California. Where's Jed Clampett when you need him?

A Pennsylvania woman had her baby delivered by the same cop that had given her a ticked one year earlier. Not that cool, but interesting.

An Indiana man tried to blow up the house of the people who broke his wife's glasses. Mr. Ahmed, I mean Michielsen, faces 58 years in prison if convicted.

A man breaks into a woman's house, ordered a pizza, did some laundry then attacked the homeowner.

Animal rights activists set fire to a pet shop in Cambridge, Mass. killing more than two dozen animals. Now, that's how you make a statement.

This one's good. An Ohio doctor claims he can go back in time to treat people. I think this is it's own joke.

Rose Kennedy, matriarch of the Kennedy Clan, once wrote to Nikita Khrushchev asking for an autograph. First the mafia helped JFK win the election and now this.

An 85-year-old New Hampshire women made a stand against a burgler with a knife. Grandparents rule.

And this weeks Darwin Award winner is, Christopher Greenbird. He gets drunk, gets behind the wheel, drives by some cops and then proceeds to flip them off. He then tries to fight the officer while being arrested. Congratulations, Christopher, for showing that evolution isn't quite finished yet.


Anonymous said...

Animal rights radicals set fire to pet shop yeah and these are the jerks who say they want to save animals just typical of these radicals i hope is they get cuaght they should be made to scoop of poop and be made to pick up and dispose of the carcases of all the animals that died in the fires they started they are terrorists