Monday, October 16, 2006

The New Leader Of The United Nations

Come January, Kofi Annan is out, hallelujah, and a man named Ban Ki-moon will take over. Maybe he won't turn a blind eye to places like Rwanda and Darfur. Maybe Ban Ki-moon won't allow places like Iraq do what they please while taking bribes to look the other way. Maybe Ban Ki-moon will put a stop to U.N. "peacekeepers" raping women and their children. Maybe Ban Ki-moon will make the United Nations relevant once more. Maybe, but I won't be holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

Ban Ki-Moon raises an interesting situation, being South Korean and all.

The UN just passed more sanctions on NK. The only nations who refuse to participate in this are China and... South Korea.

Personally, this is very interesting, since the US/Western stance is that South Korea needs protecting against the evil North Korea, yet South Korea doesn't seem to think so.

This kind of difference of opinion might be interesting given a South Korean as Kofi's replacement.