Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

Here's a link to a picture of John Kerry's recent trip to Iraq to meet with the uneducated troops there. In the picture, Kerry is eating breakfast with the troops, only none of them seem to want to sit with him. Gee, I wonder why. It kind of reminds me of the picture that came out a year or so ago where the soldier who was posing with Hilary Clinton had his fingers crossed. A sign of distress.

Credit: Here, There And Back Again & John K


Anonymous said...

Or he could be sitting with the higher ups.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but we don't have any context.

Anonymous said...

Or the Military actually hate the liar.. Heh?

Anonymous said...

Just about ANY explanation could be possible since we don't have any context for the photo.

Any attempt to project "what is actually going on" on this photo is simply small-mindedness.

Anonymous said...

"Any attempt to project "what is actually going on" on this photo is simply small-mindedness.--Za

Or; it could be that one exercises ones opinion. (Za + Opinion = small mindedness.) Thats why the world should leave everything to those who know everything like God; to people who think like Za.
Who is God in his own mind.

Socialist/Marxists Suck. Thats my Opinion.

Anonymous said...

My point, John, was that any attempt to use one's opinion to state absolutely what is going on, is small minded.

Opinions are opinions, not hard facts. If you had any integrity, you would attempt to stop using yours as though they were.

Anonymous said...

"Socialist/Marxists Suck. Thats my Opinion"

John, I'm quickly getting the sense that there are three types of people, in your opinion.

1) The smart ones, who agree with you.

(and two types who disagree with you)

2) Liberal/Marxist/Socialist.

3) Terrorists

...Would I be right if I said that the only thing that you see that separates type 2 and type 3 is that one type are willing to use a gun/bomb?

You seem to be one of those simple-minded people who think that if they 'name' something/someone, it takes away its power, it becomes inert. That kind of thing only works in the school play-ground (and fairy-tales such as 'Rumpelstiltskin'), where a really young kid calls another young kid a mean name, and the kid runs off crying. Some of these kids get to high school before they stop this kind of thing, others don't stop at all.

Opinion and abuse aren't good substitutes for research and reason if you are trying to convince someone to see things your way.

Anonymous said...

Outhouse psychologists and professors are a dime a dozen. You doth project too much; young rudeboy.

Anonymous said...

"Outhouse psychologists and professors are a dime a dozen"
...ok, I'm guessing you live with a travelling carnival, or deal in some kind of 'live trade' that I really don't want to know about.

no. speculate
... I'm wondering how close to the mark I was, as I don't hear you protesting how wrong my estimation of you was.

You mock the method, but don't dispute the detail.

Anonymous said...

Consider the detail disputed then.