Thursday, December 7, 2006

The U.N. Wants To Fund Terrorists

This Was Brought To My Attention By John K

Just when you think the Useless Nations couldn't surprise you any more, they go and want the world to send $450 million to Hamas led Palestine.

They voted the terrorist organization into power, and now they're paying for it and the U.N. wants the world to bail their asses out. Two words for you. Fuck That. Maybe the U.N. could take some of that Blood For Oil money they stole and use it to help.


Anonymous said...

They can't use the stolen oil for food money. Unless they can tap into Kofi and Kojo's Swiss bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

Chris, you did catch that the money wasn't going to Hamas, right?

As the article says, three quarters is going towards job creation, cash assistance and food aid. The rest will probably go to their health and education system.

I do find it mildly ironic Chris, that you're for democracy in Iraq, but you're not for democracy's results amongst the Palestinians.

Christopher Lee said...

Yes Za, I'm sure that we could trust that Hamas wouldn't find a way to steal that money and use it to fund attacks against Israel. They would never do something like that.

And I support democracy in Palestine, unless they vote a known terrorist organization into power. Then I can't support that vote.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a Florida court could decide who should be the 'democratically elected Palestinian leadership'. It worked so well in America, and the problem does seem to be whether certain other nations (and Indian Chris) approve of the Palestinian leadership, and not whether the Palestinian people voted for them.

The Palestinians hold free elections, and the so-called 'democratic nations' tell them they voted for the wrong people/party, and punish them until they 'get it right'. What a fine display of democracy the west has put on. Just won't be happy until they install another Pinochet, Saddam, or Bin Laden-type western-backed thug

Many Palestinians would say both Americans and Israelis voted-in 'known terrorists'

What would satisfy those of you who are critical about Palestinian aid?
Are you hoping that every Palestinian man, woman, and child, will starve to death?

Anonymous said... western idiots cannot even tell right from wrong. Good from evil. Moral relativism run amok. Thank you so much NEA and incompetant parents.

Unknown said...

" western idiots cannot even tell right from wrong. Good from evil"

That explains how George W Bush was able to win an election

Christopher Lee said...

Because Al Gore and John Kerry are weak men who would have pulled a Clinton. Sit on their asses while this country was attacked. Could you imagine if Al Gore had won in 2000?

"Mr. President, Denver was just hit with a nuclear bomb."
"How are the trees? What about the water?"

Or John Kerry.
"Mr President, Denver was just hit with a nuclear bomb."
"Well, I think we should sit here and weigh out options. Do we release a statement before we don't release a statement? Do we go after the freedom fighters before we don't go after them? Anyone up for some windsurfing? Somebody get Teddy on the phone. TERESA!!!"

Unknown said...

Talking about 'trees and water' is probably better than 'doing a dubya'.

If he can invade two sovereign nations in response to the work of a few dozen psychos...

"Mr President, Denver was just hit with a nuclear bomb."
"That's it, we'll nuke the fucking lot!"

... and as a feeble-minded Texan, that will probably included the northern states of America too.

Bush's foriegn policy is far more likely to result in a nuke in Denver than Gore or Kerry or well, ANYONE!