Saturday, January 27, 2007

Brining A Message Of Despair

Newly elected House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and long time war critic John Murtha decided to go to Iraq and check out the situation themselves. And I'm sure they were given a warm welcome by the troops, kind of like Kerry and Hillary were. When are these far Left nutjobs going to learn that the vast majority of the troops don't like them? They constantly slam the job they're doing and then they expect them to embrace and maybe even thank them for "looking out for them". They can disguise it under the falsehood of criticizing the president, but it's the soldiers who're carrying this war out so it's them they're bashing.


Anonymous said...

One can only hope that the military escorts along this "visit" will turn their backs or send these idiots down a IED stretch of road unescorted. I would love to see another Jihad video of beheading. This time for people who deserve it. But I bet the Jihadis will actually excort these American traitors themselves and see not a hair on their Marxist heads are disturbed. After all the Dems in charge are the best weapons the Jihadis have aganst America.

Anonymous said...

Criticising the military because you disagree with the warm is 'like shooting the messenger. I don't doubt there are plenty of people criticising the war/decision for, but I doubt there's anyone with anything bad to say about the military/soldiers.
A good soldier is apolitical, it's not to say that soldiers don't have opinions, but that they don't think 'do I agree with this' before carrying out an order.
Most politicians who criticise the war know this. It's a very big assumption to think that anti-war is anti-soldier

For those people who panicked after the last election, thinking that 'the dems will screw it up', don't you think that it's a good thing that they're over there, seeing what they're up against?

John, you really want to see Nancy Pelosi killed?
What would Jesus say?
Ok, I think I understand, it's only bad if terrorist kill certain Americans?
(any chance of putting a few names on that list? Start with Tony Robbins, his infomercials really shit me)

Anonymous said...

No..I was just venting. I would not want that..

Anonymous said...

"I was just venting."
I figured you weren't serious.. so I responded in kind.

For all the criticism of the war, I really doubt that any politician blames any soldier for:
a) what is happening.
b) how it is going.

I'm pretty sure politicans who are critical of the war are saving it all for George Bush. It doesn't make sense to 'shoot the messenger', and it's not like Bush Bashing isn't a favourite sport.

Anonymous said...

They constantly slam the job they're doing
No, I think you'll find that most of the "far Left nutjobs" you're referring to actually talk about the fact that the US army isn't capable of doing the job Bush wants it to. That's got nothing to do with whether the soldiers are "doing a good job" or not, it's simply the fact that it's not what the US army is good for, and you don't have the numbers to do it with anyway.

What I'm curious about is why you think that the soldiers would embrace the Bush administration and maybe even thank them for "looking out for them" when he throws them into a job that simply cannot be done with the resources available, when Rumsie (thank God he's gone!) said that the soldiers were capable of making do with the makeshift armour they "recycled" from the scrap metal they found on the field instead of receiving new armour, and when they're being made to do four tours of duty.

So I don't think that it's really "bashing the soldiers" to criticise the Bush administration on this issue. Personally I'm surprised that the soldiers are doing as well as they are!