Friday, January 12, 2007

Good News Friday

CavMom, who's a member of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll, is starting a weekly post she calls Friday's Good News. She'll be posting a story every week out of the Middle East that, for some reason or other, Big Media has chosen to ignore. Head over and check it out.


Anonymous said...

Chris, there's a reason that the MSM doesn't report things like this - I'll use the link you gave to explain.

Yes, it's wonderful that she survived, and I dearly hope she manages to get that second operation. But the fact that her life was even on the line demonstrates what everyday Iraqis have to face. The news from Iraq is not good because this is not the norm. The article itself says that Iraq does not have the infrastructure for the follow up operation she requires.

If they were to print all the feel-good stories, you would not be getting an accurate picture - the death rate over the first few years of the war was triple the estimated death rate under Saddam, and still is currently above that estimated rate.

And if they replaced the stories of the "bad apples" for nicer stories, they would downplay the seriousness of those attrocities, and prevent the public awareness required to help prevent it from happening again. And it would prevent you from knowing the negative things that are getting Iraqis up in arms - to the point that many Iraqi politicians are asking for the US to leave.

Is that a good reason or other?