Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Next Level Of Abortion

The Following Story Was Sent To Me By Za

As if abortion wasn't bad enough already, U.S. doctors have discovered a new source of stem cells they think may be of some use. And all they have to do is create a specially made fetus and destroy it and Michael J. Fox will stop shaking. Ah, the future of medicine.


Anonymous said...

That is sickening and deeply troubling to those of us who have a conscience and ethics.

Anonymous said...

which bit is troubling your "conscience and ethics"?

I'm guessing you and Chris are anti-abortion, no abortion needs to occur for this to work. It was the most significant aspect of the article, that pregnancy needn't be interfered with (It wasn't the primary concern of some of the researchers, but they did make it clear).

It would be a bit like the therapeutic use of 'cord blood', if the doc's can collect the useful cells, so they don't end-up on the floor.

Or is that not what's got your 'conscience and ethics' in a bunch?
Is it a matter of this medical stuff being evil?
Would either of you accept a blood transfusion at hospital?

How does this trouble your ethics John?

Anonymous said...

I'm figuring that 'stem cell research' is another one of those areas where US media cranks the hysteria up to 11

The article is largely about not destroying foetuses. They are talking theory here, the practical application can avoid some of the 'evils' that have gotten you two so worried... but I'm sure we can find some doctors with swastika arm-bands stomping on foetuses for a photo-op for you.

Of all the stem cell/genetic issues, you chose the with the potential to avoid harm, or 'god syndrome' to be outraged at.

Why don't you get annoyed about 'therapeutic cloning', there's your 'abortion for the sake scientific endeavour'.

Anonymous said...

Rudeboymurphy hit exactly why I sent it to Chris - they don't have to abort the fetus, in fact, the fetus doesn't even have to be touched.

But from Chris' response here, and by email, he obviously didn't read it properly.

Anonymous said...

I read in the article that the Fetus is destroyed in the process of harvesting the amniotic cells.
What Iam concerned ethically is destroying the innocent human being called a fetus. Murph.. Iam Not "anti-abortion" so much as I'am PRO-LIFE. Thats what I prefere to call it. I believe in life at conception.

Anonymous said...

If you read the article carefully, the bit about 'destroying embryos' was previous technology

"... so far been derived from specially grown human embryos"

the new procedure is pro-life, it can havest cells from the amniotic fluid at birth.

Everyone's happy!