Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Great Ice Storm Of 2007

Here we go again. A big ice storm has once again hit The Great State of Oklahoma. So far it hasn't been that bad, but that's supposed to change tonight. There are people in my area without power, but so far I'm one of the lucky ones. With the last storm, power was out for 3 weeks in some areas. So if I stop posting for a while you know why.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile it's so hot here that it can literally be painful just to walk around outside (I'm not even getting sunburn, just experiencing pain from the intensity of the sunlight on my skin - and I'm not particularly pale to start with).

Anonymous said...

I find it very odd about the oposites of seasons from northern to southern hemispheres. Its colder here than a witches tittie in a brass bra here.