Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy Illegal Alien Day

Calling An Illegal Alien An Undocumented Immigrant Is Like Calling A Burglar An Uninvited House Guest

Today, in cities all across this once great land, people will be celebrating the illegal alien as a proud person just looking to make a better life for himself. Well, I thought I would take the time and show the other side of the story. The one they don't want to talk about. The real problem with illegal immigration.

First we have a pretty good piece by Heather MacDonald that you should read.

Then we have this. It's rather long, but you should check it out. Some of the following stories below may be on this site, I haven't read all of them.

This piece about serial sex offenders.

Or this "undocumented worker" who was accused of multiple rapes.

Illegal Aliens Murder 12 Americans Daily.

Illegal Alien Kills His 20-year-old Neighbor.

Illegal Alien Wanted For Murder Arrested By Houston P.D.

Illegal Alien Kills Actress Adrienne Shelly And Stages It To Look Like Suicide.

Illegal Alien Kills Girl In Drunk Hit And Run. Arrested Four Times Before And Deported Once.

Then we have these five stories.

Yeah, let's not fix the problem. All we need is a good guest worker program and all will be fine.


Anonymous said...

Curious that we never see statistics on this issue. There's always people declaring a "crime wave", but never any statistics to back it up - just a lot of assertions.

And then there are people who say "look at all these reported crimes they do!" (no offense Chris), when those same crimes are being committed in greater numbers by American citizens.

Crime's been on the decrease for decades in the US. Public perception of crime rates has sky rocketed in the past few decades. How does that figure?

Mrs Xoke said...

I just loved this part. "Calling An Illegal Alien An Undocumented Immigrant Is Like Calling A Burglar An Uninvited House Guest". Too true!

To Za: Although you point out a very good point, that crimes, no matter who commits them, are wrong. There are more American's committing crimes that illegal aliens. I do want to make another point regarding this however. Illegals who commit crimes are criminals we can get rid of by sending them back to their own country. Tax payers won't have to support them in prisons, and if we could send them back and keep them out then they can't commit their crimes here. Not only that, but we may be able to focus more of our resources on catching and prosecuting the American criminals.

The same also applies to our state's, and federal government's welfare systems. If the illegals are not here than we can focus more on assisting, protecting, and aiding those that already live here legally and need those services.