Sunday, July 8, 2007

How Many Trees?

John Buckley, of Carbon Footprint, estimates that it would take the planting of 100,000 trees to make up for the damage that the Live Earth concerts did to the environment yesterday. Saying that it may have produced more than 74,000 tons of pollution. But it's only the message that's important, not the way it's given. If we have to put tons of Earth killing gasses into to air to tell people things they're already force fed on a daily basis, then it's worth it. Right?

What I find funny is that some of the people at the London concert, and I'm guessing it wasn't the only one, didn't even care what it was about. They just wanted to see their favorite singers. Some didn't even know who Al Gore was.

I tuned into Sundance a few times to check out what was going on. And right behind the eco-troubadours was a MASSIVE wall of lights telling people what to do. I don't care how many energy efficient bulbs and what not they used, that's a lot of wasted electricity.


Deoduce said...

I was actually thinking about this yesterday. Combined with all the litter and trash produced by beverages and food, the gas people used to get to the concerts, lightbulbs for the signs, electricity for the soundstages, etc, Live Earth must've done a boatload of harm for the Earth.

Christopher Lee said...

That's what carbon offsets are for. Plant a few trees and it's all good.