Sunday, July 22, 2007

YouTube/CNN Debates

Apparently I'm supposed to be part of what's become known as the "youtube generation". So then, why do I think this YouTube/CNN debate is so stupid? I'm all for the public getting involved in politics and putting politicians feet to the fire, but I've never been one to need a gimmick to do it. Why not just have voters come in and ask question in person? You can't turn it to CNN without them hyping this thing. And some of the videos are retarded. Idiots asking if the camera makes their boobs look big. And it was a guy. The Democratic debate is tomorrow, or today depending on when you're reading this, and I think I'm going to be cutting my toenails at that time. The Republican debate is September 17. The new television season will have started by then so there might be something on by then to watch. If not then I might be working on my Christmas layout.