Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What Was I Smoking?

I'm looking through a lock box I keep. Inside are some personal things I don't want destroyed in case of a fire or something. One of the things I keep inside is a small notepad that I would write in with whatever crap that may have popped into my head. A predecessor to to Random Thoughts if you will. Anyway, while reading the notepad I came across a few things I'd written down that, at the time, I though were really deep.

1. All we are is the result of what we have thought... The mind is everything... What we thin, we become.

2. Sometimes things happen because they are supposed to... however, it's the things that have no reason for being that kill us every minute of every day.

I have a couple more that I'll share at a later date that are a little better. They're poems of sorts. But I notice that some of the things I'd written are gone. Of them was a poem I'd written shortly after my dad died that I really liked and another was short story that, while wasn't very good, had it's moments.