Friday, July 27, 2007

Stick To Your Guns

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is refusing to take down the hot line he set up for people to report illegals in his county. Right on, brother. That's like telling people to do away with 911. Isn't reporting crime a good thing? He's also taken it to a new level by baring illegals from visiting inmates in jail. This man is my hero.


Anonymous said...

I notice it says they are 'analysing the tips, but haven't acted on any yet'...
Does that mean the pointy white hoods are still at the dry-cleaners?

Fidothedog said...

Any chance us Brits can borrow this fine chap for a few years to sort our shambolic penal system out?

We will give him back honest!

Christopher Lee said...

Damn right, Murphy. We racists hate them dirty wetbacks. KKK For LIFE!!!

fido, you Brits did give us Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Maybe we could be persuaded to loan him out.

Anonymous said...

"We will give him back honest!"

Only if he wants to go back. 'Illegal immigration' is something that only applies to people with darker skin in the western world. If you're a good white boy, and you arrive by jet (rather than a leaking boat, or in the cargo hold of a truck... or hell, just a mad dash through the desert) then you can come and go as you please...
(unless you break some real serious laws).

Anyone know how many Brits/Canadians/etc are currently in the US without current papers?
What's the chance of anyone actually expending the kind of effort that goes into rounding-up people of Central/South American origin? (a hint.. zero).

What you folk need are giant 'crematoriums', it's a tried and tested method of enforcing 'genetic purity' (over here in Australia we have iron sheds in the desert for 'illegal immigrants' called 'detention centres'... but I'm sure we do it with no less malice)

For a serious moment, how do identify 'illegal immigrants'?
This 'tip line', do you really think that it is going to get 'tips' on Anglo-European 'illegal immigrants'... or is it going to be 'information' of the quality of 'well, they do eat a lot of beans, and they do speak Spanish at home!'

Christopher Lee said...

Geez, Murph, don't you know it's our master plan. We're going to get rid of all the darkies in this country and make it a pure nation. We tried it with the savage redman and niggers first, but it didn't work. So now we're focusing on the wetbacks and spics. We're also starting to focus in on the sand niggers from the Middle East. Of course, to do this, I'll have to find some way of getting rid of myself and a friend/commenter being that she's of Arab decent and I'm not a pure blood. I have some savage redman running through my veins.

Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting to see a 'tough on illegal immigrants' stance with some semblance of equality.
(That Canadian border looks pretty porous).
It just seems regardless of whatever western country you deal with, border security is a 'loaded' concept, that there's always an agenda, and the practical reality is a joke.
Over here we have a net intake of about 112,000 a year, of which 10,000 are humanitarian places.
Half a dozen Somalis (or one Indian doctor) can cause the biggest hypocrite-fest from the media, while plane-loads of Anglo/Europeans can do whatever they want, and as far as I can tell (with a few exceptions) this is the norm in the West.

So tighten that southern border, and open a few more 'ambulance lanes' through the Northern border. (Michael Moore shits me, but he makes a valid point about universal heath care... It can't be long before Canada has to tighten it's southern border to stop those evil bastards who don't want to have to choose between poverty and illness).