Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Helping Hand

I was sent this by Wednesday Hero Blogroll member Lt. Doug Schneider.

There are 27 states that have AUTHORIZED state defense forces ( see State Defense forces are volunteer soldiers that serve without pay until activated by the Governor of their state for natural disasters and civil disturbances. They are responsible for purchasing their own uniforms and equipment, pay for training outside their units, travel expenses and so on. The state only gives the Ohio Military Reserve $18,000 a year. That is only used to feed over 400 soldiers at annual training for 4 out of the 5 days we are there. The individual units do not see any of that money.

Our unit, the 12th MP Battalion of the Ohio Military Reserve, took the initiative and started a non-profit organization for the morale and support of the soldiers of our unit and help defray the expenses incurred with serving as listed above. It is a 501c3 organization, registered with the state of Ohio.

As of now, we have no income for the non-profit, the paperwork came from the state the end of last month. We are looking for folks who would like to become a member of the non-profit, corporate sponsors, and donations. Individual membership has been set at $25, and will include a shirt. Corporate sponsors will receive advertising on the website and on our newsletter and during recruitment and aid to civil authority missions were there is public exposure. Our site, for now, is a Yahoo Group at

Contact information is listed there if anyone would like to become a member, donate or be a corporate sponsor.

Thanks for your help and thanks for all you do!

Doug Schneider

I also encourage everyone to find out if there is a state defense force unit near them and let them know they are appreciated, provide assistance to them, and encourage your state legislature to give them support.


John J. Kaiser said...

That sounds like an excellent idea.