Monday, October 29, 2007


Senior terrorists, including the chiefs of the most active West Bank terror organization, were part of an official Palestinian security team that protected a prominent U.S. envoy last week Keep reading. I thought Israel was an ally of the U.S. So, why then, are we arming and training militias who are enemies of theirs?
Credit: John K


Anonymous said...

Why? Because our State Department has become a rogue element within the US government. Foggy bottoms who run it are outside the rules and even policies of the government at large. And at the highest levels outside the State Dept; they are either complacent, unaware or in cahoots with the subversion of the stated US foriegn policies.

Anonymous said...

"The U.S. training programs include courses in the use of weapons. They are being partially funded with a $86.5 million grant approved by Congress in April.

The Bush administration announced last week it is seeking more than $400 million in additional aid to the Palestinians."
- From the original article.
Seems like more than just the state department is involved.