Saturday, October 27, 2007

For The Anti-War Crowd

I have a question for the people who are demanding that the U.S. pull all troops out of Iraq. After we do that, who then will help the Iraqis rebuild? Their country is blown to hell thanks to al-Qaeda. Shops, schools, hospitals and homes are nothing but rubble. They can't do it themselves and the cowards blowing them up aren't going to help. So, then, who? Iran? Syria? Do you really want them to "help"? Well, maybe you, do but those of us with a brain know that's not only dangerous but stupid.


Tina Boyer said...

If you want to see something disgusting written and posted by an American citizen in the center of the country, look at, and note his second post. The idiot (and he IS very much an idiot) complains about a patriotic symbol on the side of a U-Haul van.

The guy is a turd (and he really IS a turd--he and his boyfriend are subjects of a study at my university).


Anonymous said...

"who then will help the Iraqis rebuild?"
yes, who will get those contracts? the 'aid money' - ploughed back into the american economy by giving fat cash payments to mercenaries... um, I mean (opportunistic) 'building contractors'.

"They can't do it themselves" you mean that the american government couldn't stomach seeing some of that pittance earmarked for 'rebuilding' finding its way into a foreign economy.

"So, then, who?"
The U.S. marvels that when 'democracy' was extended to Palestinians, they voted for Hamas... it's simple really, as Hamas was the only ones with a genuine will to build schools and hospitals in areas it can.
It's too bad that the one chance to show all sides that america was serious in 'helping' in the middle-east was squandered by failing to recognise the legitimately elected government.

"Their country is blown to hell thanks to al-Qaeda"
Insurgent IED's are like a slingshot vs. a tank when it comes to the damage done... who soften the place up with cruise missiles, air-strikes, etc?
IED's kill people more than any other damage (that's what they are designed for)... the structural damage is mostly caused by the U.S.

I've been accused by a few people here of being 'anti-military'. Nothing could be further from the truth, many of my family have served with distinction, what I can't stand is needless wars brought about brainless cowards, and (worse still) crony-ism like this 'rebuild' scam - Western gov's crowing about all the aid they give, when it simply goes to western contractors to do a half-arsed job for inflated price...

Oh, and the answer to your question "I have a question for the people who are demanding that the U.S. pull all troops out of Iraq. After we do that, who then will help the Iraqis rebuild?"
I think they've had all the 'help' they can take...
You know, the middle-east isn't new at this building game, despite US and other foreign invaders over the centuries freely sharing their ordinance with the local architecture, there is still much of a millennia of building, of a quality that you'd not find in america.

So leave compensation for damage done (how many $billion's were spent on wrecking the place? You could match that in 'reparations' if the US government is at all serious about its responsibility - you broke it, you pay for it), and get out, the power vacuum won't be anywhere near as bad as this ongoing occupation.