Monday, October 1, 2007

Rush Should Apologize?

Now, unless these men went AWOL or something they're still heroes. It doesn't matter if they agree with the war or not. Limbaugh is just digging himself deeper and deeper and making things worse. Is it as bad as Betray Us? No. But it's still stupid.

Okay. There seems to be more to this story. Now, we don't get Limbaugh's show here so I can't listen to it. And I also can't watch his webcam or listen to his webcast, so I have no idea what exactly he said. But according to Rush himself,
A week ago today, ABC News, Charlie Gibson, World News Tonight, did a feature with Brian Ross, their investigative reporter, on phony soldiers! Last Monday, one week ago today. I don't see ABC being denounced. Their story was on Jesse MacBeth, the same soldier I was talking about one week ago. That video is up at
In case you don't know, Jesse MacBeth is a man who claimed that he was a veteran of the War In Iraq. He wasn't. He joined the group Iraq Veterans Against The War and lied to media outlets saying that his unit had routinely committed war crimes in Iraq. Now, if this is the man Rush was talking about, then he said nothing wrong. MacBeth may have been in the U.S. Military at one time, but he's no hero by any stretch of the word. If someone with broadband could find this video on Limbaugh's site and watch it to see exactly what he was talking about.

Thanks to Silke over at Hooah Wife for this. You can read a transcript of what Rush actually said over at

Sen. David Nelson (D-Nebraska)
What we've got into right now is a situation where was hammered by the other side, so it's not surprising that now you've got a sort of the return of that in case of Limbaugh