Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

The earth belongs to the white man. There is no future outside of his world.

Has anyone seen this HBO movie? This was one of the hardest movies I'd ever seen. Watching the systematic destruction of a people over the span of 20 years was horrible. Based on the book by Dee Brown which tells the stories of several tribes, the movie centers around the Sioux. How their culture and life was taken way. Hunters put on reservations and forced to become farmers on land that couldn't grow anything. Some of the best chapters in the movie were about Chief Sitting Bull. The government tried everything they could to break him and never did. And because of that he's become the symbol of Indian resistance. But it was the slaughter at Wounded Knee creek that broke me. Watching men, women and children gunned down. Babies freezing to death in their dead mothers arms. It was the event that really signaled the end. I recommend everyone watch this movie and read this book.

And, may I add, that Adam Beach is one of the best actors today. This young man, I think, is going to really break out. And soon.