Friday, September 21, 2007

A-Jad At Columbia

U.S. military? Stay off our campus. Minute Men? We don't like your racist hate-speech. Adolf Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, we embrace you with open arms and "open minds". And when you start to attack President Bush, we'll applaud and cheer.

Master Of None has a really good post up about this.
The primary difference between enemies and opponents is that the latter need to be given a fair hearing, reasoned with, and respected, whereas the former simply need to be defeated. Failing to treat Iranian President Ahmadinejad as their enemy demonstrates that Columbia University is either delusional, misguided, or itself an enemy of America rather than just an opponent.


Michael Williams said...


Opinionnation said...

it really is unFREAKin Believable.

Tina Boyer said...

Sad, really.

Columbia is sort of falling off the map. How many Wall Street Journal articles have there been in the last five years about various shenanigans at Columbia? Quite a lot, as I recall.