Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The Glenn Beck Show, February 11
Now, one of the reasons that I talk about unconventional issues on this program, like wheat prices and bond insurance -- I mean, nobody else is talking about this stuff -- is because I believe it all relates to our security. Unlike a lot of people, I don`t believe there`s a difference between our economic security and our national security. If we can`t buy bullets, if we can`t afford fuel for our jets, then fighting war kind of becomes a moot point, doesn`t it? That`s why the hair on the back of my neck stood up when I heard what Russian president Putin said over the weekend. He said, and I quote, "It is already clear that there is a new arms race being unleashed in the world. It is not our fault. We didn`t start it. But we are forced to retaliate..."

Now, to most people they`ll tell you this is simple propaganda, he`s just talking to his own people. Great. But, if you`re a student of recent history, then you might know the real story is how eerily familiar that sounds, except now it`s not coming out of the mouth of Ronald Reagan. Think about this. The Soviet Union did not collapse because we beat them with their armies, we collapsed them because we hammered them economically. Cheap oil created a mountain of debt for the Russians.

Now, while that meant we saved billions of dollars on oil, we turned that around and put it into our military. Now the tables have completely reversed. Russia is flush with so much oil money that our own national director of intelligence just admitted how worried we are about the, "financial capabilities" due to all of that oil wealth. Meanwhile, we`re the ones buried in debt. Back then it was Russia fighting Islamic radicals in Afghanistan including, what was his name, oh, yeah, Osama bin Laden.

Now we`re the ones spending billions to fight extremists led by Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. If history is repeating itself, we already know how this story ends. It is up to us. We`ve got to get more Americans to read recent history and rewrite the ending. We have got stop spending billions of dollars that we don`t have. We have got to stop enriching our enemies through oil. And most importantly, the real quick fix is stop the Socialist ideas from gaining credibility.

You know what? Government healthcare, free college tuition and guaranteed wages did not stop the Soviet Union from collapsing, and it`s not going to stop us either, in fact, it will help it along.


Bad Bob said...

This isn't the post to urge you to vote, but here is one reason I would vote against Obama if he is the Democrat winner.

BetteJo said...

I loves me some Glenn Beck.
My grown kids - not so much.

Christopher Lee said...

I know. Him and O'Reilly are the smartest men on tv/radio. He just nails everything right on the nose.