Sunday, February 10, 2008

You Failed Before You Succeeded Before You Failed

Nancy Pelosi stated twice on Sunday that Iraq is a failure, but was quick to cover her ass stating that the troops have succeeded. There's something wrong with this. Well, there's two things wrong with this. 1) if Iraq is a failure how have the troops succeeded? We support the troops, just not what they do. And 2) too bad for NanPel al-Qaeda in Iraq doesn't agree with her.
That second document is a bitter 16-page testament written last October by a local al-Qaeda leader near Balad, north of Baghdad. “I am Abu-Tariq, emir of the al-Layin and al-Mashahdah sector,” the author begins. He goes on to describe how his force of 600 shrank to fewer than 20.

“We were mistreated, cheated and betrayed by some of our brothers,” he says. “Those people were nothing but hypocrites, liars and traitors and were waiting for the right moment to switch sides with whoever pays them most.”