Friday, February 8, 2008

Sitting This Election Out

I hereby declare that I am going to be sitting this election out. I do not like McCain, and I won't vote for him. And I sure as shit don't like Clinton or Obama and will never vote for either one of them. It's sad to see so many Republicans pulling a 180 and supporting McCain now that he's all but wrapped the nomination up because they hate him less than Clinton or Obama. It's sad to see some Republicans talking about voting for Hillary just to keep McCain out of office. Are we really willing to sell out our beliefs just to retain the White House? I'm not. And that's why I will not be voting this November.


BetteJo said...

I'm hearing a lot of - "will you really be able to pull the lever for McCain?"
I don't know if I can either. I haven't made up my mind what exactly it is I want to do yet.
Just sad.

Christopher Lee said...

I think my header says it all.

Jeremiah said...

Same here, Chris!

McCain holds a good platform on some issues, like crime, and his military experience as to creating a strategy for the WOT.

I've always said, that the best place to make a difference in the country is at the voting booth. However, this year is the exception.

Mr. McCain's negative (social and economic policies) platform far outwieghs his good points, and that is true for most all of his agenda: He's for the sodomites, he's for ESCR which requires the taking of human life, he's not willing to drill in ANWR, so forth and so on.

As much as I hate to say it, I'll probably sit election day out at home as well.

Things aren't looking to good for the country. Let's pray, and ask God for an answer to all this.



Robocop said...

I am not thrilled at the current crop of Republican candidates either, but I am not sure if handing the White House to the Democrats hands down will be constructive.

Bad Bob said...

I agree with Robocop. Just sit back and hand it to Obama or Clinton.

Christopher Lee said...

Well, for many Conservatives there's not much difference between Obama, Clinton & McCain.

Bad Bob said...

And there may not be much difference, but in the past I've rarely voted for anyone, but against the lesser of the two.