Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The United States Postal Service Can Kiss My Ass

If you work for the post office, sorry.

I ordered a CD last Tuesday, the 19th. It shipped, via UPS, the next day. It arrived in Austin, TX on the 21st. From there it was shipped to a city, we'll call it City A, 23 miles from my home city, City B, and turned over to the USPS. That was Saturday the 23rd. And it was there for four days. It finally shipped out today, Wednesday, to another city, City C, 41 miles away from City A, 18 miles away from my city, City B. Now, to get from City A to City C, it has to go right by my city, City B. Now here's my question. Why couldn't City A ship it directly to my city, City C? Why did they have to go an extra 23 miles first? Government efficiency at it's best.

And Hillary and Obama want the government to take care of our health care? Ah, didn't think I could work politics into this post. Did you?