Monday, May 12, 2008

News Wrap-Up

The junta in Burma are still blocking aid from reaching the victims of the cyclone that hit the country last week.

The town that was Picher, Oklahoma was nearly wiped off the map on Saturday. But there's is a bizarre irony to the story. Pollution saved lives in Picher.
The lead and zinc mines that made Picher a booming town of about 20,000 in the mid-20th century closed decades ago; leftover waste has turned the area into an environmental disaster and a Superfund site.

Many families have moved away to escape the lead pollution, taking advantage of state and federal buyouts in recent years.
What was once a town of around 20,000 became a town of between 300-800 people before the storm on Saturday.

A 78-year-old blind man bowled a perfect game. 12 strikes in a row. I can't even bowl one.

7.8 magnitude earthquake hits China killing over 7,000 people.

Television viewership down since writers strike. I can believe that. TV shows have gotten dumber the past few years, with the rise of these "reality" shows. People are starting to get sick of them. Plus the original shows have also gotten dumber. There are 9 shows of tv that I watch, and only 4 of those are original shows, 5 are real reality shows. Like Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Deadliest Catch. Television sucks anymore.

House backs a 3.9% pay increase for troops. What they should do is take a pay cut themselves and give that to the troops. No way a Senator or Representative should be making FAR more than someone risking their life in a war zone.