Thursday, May 15, 2008

Should Hillary Drop Out?

OK, before we get started I have to put this right up front. I do not support Hillary. I can't stand her or any of the Clinton's for that matter. But I have to take her side on this issue. Now, excuse me while I go and take a shower wash the dirty feelings off. I don't think she should drop out. She has every right to run, even if she has a better chance of telling the truth than she does of getting the nomination. Now, if you'll recall just eight, and even four, years ago Democrats were screaming from the mountain tops that "every vote counts". There was even a website created for the phrase. So, what happened? Now many Democrats, the Obama Sheep mostly, want her to drop out and not let people have their say in the remaining primary states. Don't they still believe that "every vote counts"?

I've learned two things from the election so far. 1.) Democrats believe that "every vote counts" when it's for something they agree with and 2.) Democrats will turn on you in a heartbeat when the new flavor of the month comes around. The Clinton's use to be the Lords & Saviors of the Dems. They could do no wrong. They've now turned on them with the rise of Obama and his "New America" hope/change plan. It almost makes you feel bad for them when you see how they've fallen from grace. But then you remember who they are and you don't feel so bad for them.