Thursday, May 8, 2008

Reason 5 Why America Is Dying

Penn. Representative Paul Kanjorski is a dick. While I'm sorry if that word offends you, I'm not sorry I used it. Because he is. This moron wants the government to set up a "Reasonable Profits Board" to regulate just how much profit "Big Oil" can make. The government telling companies how much money they can make? This is the very basis of Socialism. What's stopping them from going a step further. Why not introduce a bill that states, for the continued safety of the planet and it's inhabitants, you are only allowed to have two children. I mean, less people equals less pollution.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like socialism to me!

Unknown said...

ick! sounds like socialism to me too... in fact I think I stepped in some.
The other place that laws like this pop up is where there a concerns about a monopoly, that competition isn't having the effect on prices that it should because there are one or two players and they are happy to not to compete - just divide an unnatural profit between themselves.

So while the senator might be a dick, he's just answering the question that you will have to consider:
'Should people have to pay 'market price' when the market is out of control/corrupt?'

Would you pay $6/gallon for fuel?
Would you pay $30/gallon...
Where do you draw the line?

...or is sounding a little like socialists far worse than ANY price?

America might just be about the only place on earth that is more worried about coming-off red than being screwed mercilessly by some crooks.

So when the 'pain at the pump' get too great, try 'thinking of England'
... A law like that wouldn't be a problem in England/the EU.

Then again, america has no problem with 'protectionism' when it suits it... or is it a problem sounding like whining commies when you are supporting US farmers in markets they can't compete in?

How do you guys feel about that contradiction?