Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reason 7 Why America Is Dying

You can no longer let your children go outside and play alone anymore. If they go outside, they have to be within your viewing range today because they may never come home again. I think my generation was the last real "free" generation of kids. I remember riding my bike around my neighborhood all day. A few blocks from my house we had an entrance to a wooded area we called "The Trails" that kids, mostly the older ones, would go into and hang out all day. We had a park a block behind my house that we would go play and fish at. Selling candy bars for band, yes I was in the band, door to door without your parents having to walk with you. Trick Or Treating the same way. Parents, would you let your child go Trick Or Treating alone today? You can't really do these things anymore because a child predator may be living in your neighborhood. And the generation before mine, kids would go outside in the morning and say out all day. I never did that, at least if I did I can't remember. And yes, I know children went missing before, but it's gotten worse over the last few years. Kids can no longer be kids.