Thursday, June 4, 2009

American Values vs. Middle East Values

So, President Barack Hussein Obama, that's what he's calling himself while on his Apology Tour 09, told the BBC that American can't impose it's values on countries in the region. I beg to differ. We can impose our values on the region, and we should. You know those pesky values such as not stoning woman for cheating on their husbands or talking to a man not from their own family. Or allowing them vote, drive or even show their faces. Or stoning & killing homosexuals for being homosexual. Or beheading journalists, or anyone for that matter. We should just sit back and hope that one day they'll come to the realization that these things are wrong.


Unknown said...

'the land of the free' giving lessons on social justice? ...there's a laugh.

"We can impose our values on the region, and we should"
Let's start with this, you believe that america has the right to impose a particular idea of freedom on another people (you do realise that's a contradiction?)...
if I didn't think you were serious I say this is some kind of joke.

"You know those pesky values such as not stoning woman for cheating on their husbands or talking to a man not from their own family"
yeah, your right, american-style alcohol-fuelled domestic violence is a lot better... no one ever get hurt or killed from that!

"killing homosexuals for being homosexual."
Gay-bashing doesn't happen in the US either?

While no country has social justice work-out perfectly, you'd think the last country to want to go marching around the place drawing attention to it's inequality and injustice, to 'impose freedom on people' would be one with such a high rate of incarceration, especially when they follow-up having a black men being 10 times(?) more likely to be imprisoned than the national average - I can't quite work out how dangerous that makes it to be black and in Alabama? ...
(Is it still a legal defence for murder in Texas to claim 'the man needed killing?)

Then there's the death penalty... those nations that need this lesson in values start looking like a different side of the same coin.
How many citizens does america kill each year? How many are black? How many were innocent?

...and best of all, the one moment that america had to show the world it's justice system was with the folks abducted and detained at Gitmo.

I would have laughed louder if you'd held this post over to April fools day, but sadly I suspect you're serious with this "We can impose our values on the region, and we should"

Sieg Heil! ...und america uber alles!

Unknown said...

...actually, sorry about the Nazi reference at the end there, it's far more like the ugly side of socialism.

One World under chairman Obama! or Chairman Bush (it's Jeb's turn to be pres next, right?)

You impose your values on the world (gun violence, religious intolerance, executions, trailer-parks fulla single mothers, all that good stuff you folks do so well!), and see how many 'thanks for the benevolent tyranny!' you get.

SSG_E said...

Well its good to be back. First of all, to this "R" guy. Violence, religious intolerence, etc. What you have listed there are not American values. You are being absurd describing what are problems with every human society in history and somehow trying to assert that they are uniquely American. I think that the point was not to literally "force" American values on anyone. They real need is to undo the 7th century mindset that has enslaved this region for so many years. Islam must be reformed. The extremists in Islam are preventing this reform. The only way to help the people of this region is to introduce them to the concepts of Natural Law and liberty. I certainly have my quarrel with the way it has been done to this point, but it must be efforted if the region and the world is ever to be secure.