Thursday, June 11, 2009

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Oklahoma (RWRM) -- All hail the birth of the National Barack Corporation. The Obama administration has made a bid for NBC News and it was accepted by General Electric, the parent company of NBC, CEO, Jeffery Immelt, for an undisclosed sum of political kickbacks and favors.

"I have a tingling sensation up my leg," said host of MSNBC's "Harball" Chris Matthews. "What a great day for the country, for me, and for media in general."

When asked for his response, host of MSNBC's "Countdown", Keith Olbermann, said "Suck on that, O'Reilly. I'm now GOD."

NBC News had already been softer on the Obama administration than any other news outlet in the country, but with this deal the White House will now have it's own official media outlet. "I don't want to control the media," said President Obama. "It's only temporary."


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Obama and the one-party-system will take control of the media.

It's about time as it's becoming harder to believe the truth anymore with people still disagreeing with the one-party; and unless and until they can finally get the last word out on everything with no radical opposing opinions, how can I ever be secure and my children guaranteed the full health, safety and security that only the one-party government can provide.

Liberty, truth and justice do not out-weigh health, safety and security - the courts and Constitution say so - and finally we have the solution to all our problems at hand.

I look forward to the one-party take-over of the rest of our media too and Fox and the online bloggers made illegal for inciting thought crimes among the people.

Oh to be alive and free in the modern progressive state.

My grandchildren will honor me and my generation for bringing this about for them, a real boost for the future, a brave new world order we can finally all agree on.

Mrs Xoke said...

Puh-lease! As if this will insure the truth. Not that we have had anything but one sided editorial based news anyway.

I hope King Obama doesn't expect my to bow down and kiss his ring. I honestly don't know whee this guy thinks he gets off. I never viewed arrogance as an endearing quality.

As for temporary? We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a link to a reputable source? Or is this just a joke? I recognize that Olbermann quote from about eight months ago...

Christopher Lee said...

Yes. It is a joke post.