Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Walkman vs. MP3 Player

Just read any perhaps feel old.


BetteJo said...

I remember the first time I saw a Walkman. I put the headphones on and listened to the tape that came with it. The beginning of the tape was the sound of an airplane and it started in one ear and crossed to the other. It was so realistic I looked up! :) Yeah, it had it's limitations but it was fabulous in its time.

Unknown said...

there's also the change in what are considered 'headphones', going from speakers the size of bread rolls with a metal frame between them stuck on your head, to smaller phones with a thin metal spring frame, to internal 'bud' style headphones.
Sure many makers of high quality 'cans' make the old style external types too, but I remember the first time I saw high quality 'bud' style headphones, and being a little disgusted/repulsed by the idea ...they seemed like some sort of freaky ear-wax magnets.

Once upon a time someone (listening to a walkman with the small external 'phones) would say 'hey, listen to this' and hand you their headphones, but now the idea of someone handing over their (earwax infested) 'bud' style headphones is a bit 'off' (some people's 'phones being scarier than others) ...makes me flinch just thinking about it.
Maybe I'm just getting old too.

... but you have to give Sony credit for the original 'walkman' - what a work of genius, fitting a full tape mechanism/'personal stereo' into a device that size.
It was one of the great designs of the Twentieth Century!

Having just had a moment of nostalgia for the classic walkman, I still don't think I'd be too happy swapping my ipod for a walkman either, not even for a week.