Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Rape Of A 14-Year-Old Girl Is Funny

As long as her last name is Palin.

This is why, as a Conservative, I can no longer watch talk shows or stand up comics or anything like that any more. Making jokes is one thing, but over the past 10 or so years it's reached a new low. And when it comes to Sarah Palin, and her family, it's reached levels I never thought it would. I'm surprised one of these celebutards/comedians hasn't come out and just wished someone to kill her. I wonder what the shit storm would be if Rush Limbaugh had done the same joke about Malia Obama? Letterman needs to just fade away. He's a has been that hasn't been funny for a very long time.


Unknown said...

american news media companies may think that because it makes financial sense to buy Australian news media (we had it coming after unleashing Murdoch and Packer on the US), that we will be interested in a scandal that never was (wake me when Obama knocks-up an intern).

I saw this story from the safe distances of from the other side of the Pacific Ocean, and while, yes, Letterman didn't bother to check which daughter of that washed-up also-ran attended the sporting event, he was obviously talking about the older sister know the one who did such a good job promoting abstinence (actually that whole family are strong endorsement for abstinence/contraception/etc).

This Letterman story is just a case of certain parts of the media (let me guess? faux?) choosing not to see what was the clear intention in this situation - anyone who says they didn't get what Letterman was getting at is either lying or irretrievably stupid.
As Letterman said in his explanation - he was talking about the one who got 'knocked-up'.

The use of absolute literal understanding of Letterman's comments and failure to comprehend the greater context and Letterman's explanation reminds me of some of the ploys used by some of the Holocaust deniers.

Christopher Lee said...

I love the liberal mind. Letterman didn't mean the 14 year old that was with Gov. Palin at the game. He meant the 18 year old who wasn't, so that makes it ok to call her a whore and Gov. Palin a slut. And if we "faux news" watchers are too stupid to see that then we're on par with Holocaust deniers.

Unknown said...

"so that makes it ok to call her a whore and Gov. Palin a slut"???
I missed that bit, sure you didn't imagine that bit? ...just reassuring yourself how evil those liberals are?

"the liberal mind"
give it up, I'm a liberal like your Marilyn Monroe. The rest of the world isn't black and white. It's only in your culturally isolated backwater that your imaginary conservative/liberal dichotomy exists (I thought I heard 'duelling banjos').'s like trying to explain colour to blind person.

as for irony, well folks the world around have warned me from trying explain irony to an american, but here goes.
It's the disparity between the idea of the older palin kid promoting the ideal of abstinence whilst in the public gaze, and the
reality of getting 'knocked-up' (to borrow a phrase), is the basis for an experiment with irony. Was it a cheap shot? was it about 10 months too late? in poor taste? yes to all.
...but instead of the usual result of mixing irony and american (300 million people going 'huh?'), the few that remember who sarah palin is got all pissy.
If Letterman hadn't mentioned the last sad hope for some folks living in a dream-world where SARAH can still win last years election, then it would have just been another tasteless joke by a has-been hack comedian.
...but to make it about conservatives/liberals, and child rape? that really is sad. Just wait for the next election.
Sarah Palin who? get over it.

Unknown said...

"And if we "faux news" watchers are too stupid to see that then we're on par with Holocaust deniers."

Firstly, I don't like faux cos Rupert Murdoch is a dirty rat bastard, no other reason (makes me laugh that guess was right though).

As for the other bit: not to stoopid, but so determined to be selective with the details - you can calm down, Letterman wasn't out to get saint sarah, it was a cheap shot at her daughter that was too easy (the cheap shot, not the daughter), but instead of seeing this as a stoopid gaff by that moron Letterman, you have to selectively make it about child rape and sainted sarah palin. Selective attention to detail for own agenda in similar manner to holocaust deniers. As per previous, it's nothing to do with conservative/liberal dichotomy - I bet you actually check under your bed for communists...

SSG_E said...

Letterman feels like he can make these crude jokes because he is an elitist snob. What happened to liberals standing up for women and equality and so on? I guess some women are just a little more equal than others. We have a double standard in this country. If you are an elitist left winger like Letterman or Obama, you can generally get away with murder. The media, with a few noble exceptions, will be compliant and stand up for their favorite libs and various other constituents. Politcal correctness only applies to you if you happen to belong to the "correct" political party.

Christopher Lee said...

One of Letterman's jokes was that Gov. Palin had found some make-up in NY to continue her "slutty flight attendant look".

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're too evolved for "liberal" and "conservative" tags. I call you liberal, and that's the only important thing.

Unknown said...

"I call you liberal, and that's the only important thing."
Whatever floats your boat. If that is important to you, I truly feel sorry for you.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're too evolved for "liberal" and "conservative" tags"
Species evolve, individuals develop, but that's not it, I'm not part of that self-important cultural backwater called america, and as such, your dichotomy of 'conservative' and 'liberal' isn't relevant.
You can't hope to understand the world looking through an american lens.

"One of Letterman's jokes was that Gov. Palin had found some make-up in NY to continue her "slutty flight attendant look"."
A very different thing to calling her a slut and daughter a whore. "slutty flight attendant look" is a fashion concept, 'a look', 'a style', it doesn't mean he was calling her a slut... and calling the daughter a whore? where did you get this from?
If you got some bad side-burns, dodgy jumpsuits and got fat, and folks said 'Chris is going for that Elvis look?', it wouldn't mean they thought, or were calling you, Elvis Presley, would it?
Evoking a "slutty flight attendant look" doesn't mean he was calling her a flight-attendant or a slut, most people 'get' that, at least all but those who still worship S. Palin, and think she might still have a chance at winning the election (hey, it worked with 'W' - winning after he'd lost - sorry folks, it really is over this time).
Looks like Letterman touched the raw Saint Sarah nerve.

"Letterman feels like he can make these crude jokes because he is an elitist snob"
lol. Letterman an elitist? america really is dying... Letterman is a feeble-minded lowbrow hack that makes Bill Hicks (God rest his sainted soul) look like a Rhodes Scholar.

"What happened to liberals standing up for women and equality and so on"
dunno, if you could find one around here I'd be interested to hear the answer. Perhaps them and remaining total of 99% of people who saw the Letterman clip + explanation, yawned, and went away from this non-scandal thinking that it was no big deal - comedians make fun of people all the time.

This idea of "liberals standing up for women and equality...", so what are 'conservative values' about?
Does that mean 'conservative values' might be something like 'bitch, get back in the kitchen with them coloured folks'? ...cos if liberals are about respect for women and equality, and conservatives oppose liberals, what sort of people does that make conservatives?
I'm just trying to understand what a conservative is s'posed to be if they oppose 'women's rights and equality'. I would have thought 'women's rights and equality' were important, isn't that what this fuss is about?

"The media, with a few noble exceptions"
ah! more faux, right?

It's interesting that folks around here call Obama 'messiah' in a mocking sense, but it seems that SARAH PALIN has achieved sainthood - saint sarah palin - because the harmless gaff of a buffoon comedian whose stock-in-trade is lewd comments, who hasn't attracted this kind of attention when making fun of anyone else over the last 20 something years!
I'm just wondering how distraught you all are going to be when SHE isn't resurrected for the next election? It was always going to be a tough act to get HER over-the-line before the media got past the fact she was a nobody with a large wardrobe, and found the 'real Palin family'. Sure, she might get a statue in Alaska some day, but she is gone folks... ain't no 'second coming' for SAINT SARAH. By the next election she'll be as credible candidate as Britany Spears or Monica Lewinsky once everyone is reminded who she is/was (I had happily forgotten who/what she was).
Taking Sarah Palin to the next election would be as safe as hunting with Dick Cheney.

SSG_E said...

Well, you have one thing right. Letterman is a feeble minded low brow hack. His elitism is a self-delusion. He belongs to the media and leftist crowd that thinks too much of themself. I agree that liberal vs. conservative is irrelevant. In fact the debate is framed all wrong. It is really a struggle of tyranny vs. freedom. Left and right today is completely misunderstood. The extremes are not communism/socialism vs. fascism as most believe. In fact those are nearly identical forms of political extremism. The left extreme is tyranny, the right extreme is anarchy. We need to be in the middle to be free and live in a civil society.

This thing with Letterman would have gone away if he just apologized rather than make up a lame excuse. His arrogance and hatred for Palin is driving this controversy. People are frustrated with the double standard and the media bias. This is simply a symptom of that. By the way, even the National Organization of Women(no conservative bastion there)is condemning the remarks and urging women to send angry messages to CBS.

Unknown said...

fair enough. I can't say I disagree with most of that. Well framed argument.