Sunday, September 13, 2009

9/12 March On Washington

Does anyone know the official number of protesters that showed up in DC? I've read that as many as 2 million, but I don't think that's even possible. While watching it they said that it stretched back at something like a mile from the steps of the Capital to the Washington Monument. That's a a lot of people. Thousands of angry astroturfers and was anyone arrested? Was there any damage to property?


BetteJo said...

The largest number I heard was one and a half million people. No arrests that I've heard, no property damage - these were GOOD folks and I am SO proud!!!

Silke said...

According to estimates provided by the Washington, D.C., fire department it was around 70,000. I was sorry to see the references to Obama as Hitler. I’m sure that was only a minority but then both the left and the right tend to characterize each other by their extreme elements. Do you agree, Chris?

Christopher Lee said...

Both sides have ignorant morons. And can we say "both" sides anymore? What with the rise of the Libertarians, wouldn't it now be three sides? I'm going to have to study on that.