Thursday, September 24, 2009

TEA Party & 912 vs. G20

Wow, talk about complete opposites. During the TEA Party and 912 protests, no violence, no one was arrested or caused any destruction. In contrast, people wearing black hoods and masks clashed with police in Pittsburgh while protesting the G20 summit. They threw rocks and trash cans and smashed private property. And the "teabaggers" and 912ers are the ones to watch out for. I wonder how many in the media will make fun of these people?


DesertCactus said...

The media has totally lost the confidence of their most ardent readers and purchasers. We are turning away from them and searching articles from all over the planet to try to garner the truth. But let me give you just a little information that may help you understand why.

I was in DC on 9-11 and awoke in my hotel room a few blocks away from where CNN was reporting that shots were fired by the Coast Guard. What made this truly concerning was that our President had just finished making a presentation at the Pentagon to give remembrance to those lost there on that day eight years before. He had actually left the area but was transported over a bridge on the Potomac River where CNN said the shooting had occurred. There was a lot of conjecture. Major media started reporting this news all over the world because if CNN said it, it must be true. Shortly it was announced that what a producer of CNN had heard on a radio was the spoken words "Bang, Bang." It was an exercise by the Coast Guard and they have them four times a week. Everyone looked terrible because they did not check their facts. They acted like a news blog site where rumors fly.

Second and more dangers scenario:

The very next day another major news organization put out a bogus news story that most major media in the U.S. picked up and ran without checking out the source, as well as many world media. Who would have believed that the press would make the very same mistake in the very same city within one day? What is worse, though they know they made this mistake they did not correct it because they truly would have all looked like fools. Two days in a row?

Facts: ABC put out a report that the official Washington D.C. Fire Department gave an official estimate of the size of the 9-12 protest march on DC at 60,000 to 70,000 people. What they didn’t tell you is that on Monday, 9-14, the DC Fire Dept web site stated that this was not true, that they had given no estimate of the crowed size and went on to state that what ABC had picked up early in the morning was a tweet stating that the estimated crowd size in Lafayette Park, just north of the White House, was 60,000 to 70,000. Freedom Square was filled by this time and people were standing three blocks deep when the police demanded the march start immediately because people were still pouring into the area. The march stated approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours early because of the massive crowd size. What is truly mind boggling is that I can ask myself what happened and why did the press not debunk this and I can only come to the conclusion that the media did not want to look like they can’t get their major story correct two days in a row, that what they do publish is just pure faux news. But too many people in D.C on 9-12 were stunned. For everyone of us there, 100 people back home were in other Tea Party Events waiting to hear our report. We told them that this about ABC: “YOU LIE!” What is more disturbing is that the main stream press is so incompetent that they can’t tell the difference between thousands, or ten’s of thousands, form hundreds of thousands – the real truth.
Here is the link to the DC fire dept;

Now I ask you: Why is no one reporting the real story? Where are our great reporters in America? Are they all gone? Evidently. No wonder the old media is dying. It is brain dead.