Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Did Our President Lie?

STEPHANOPOULOS: How about the funding for ACORN?
OBAMA: You know, if -- frankly, it's not really something I've followed closely. I didn't even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money.

Really? He didn't know ACORN has received $53 million since 1994 and are in line to receive a chunk of another 8.5 BILLION. from his spendulas bill? Only two things could explain that. 1) He's lying and he thinks we're idiots or 2) He has no idea what's going on. And he hasn't been following this story? Well, I guess when all you watch is CNN and NBC that's possible.


Silke said...

How do you know ACORN is getting 8 billion in the stimulus bill?

Christopher Lee said...


BetteJo said...

Oh my gosh. These days I am more apt to believe the POTUS is lying than give him the benefit of the doubt. He lied about what he would do - to get into office and he continues to lie. He has lost my trust totally.

Silke said...

The article you cite doesn’t say ACORN is getting 8 billion dollars from the stimulus bill. It says the stimulus bill contains funds for non-profit groups that COULD go to ACORN. ACORN will have to compete with all the other non-profit groups and I suspect given it’s recent bad press it won’t succeed. Most of the stimulus funding is for housing rehabilitation, a program which ACORN did not apply for in the past. Since they haven’t applied for funding under the current stimulus bill how can you accuse the President of lying about it?


SSG_E said...

Two things:

1 Obama is a politician. That is all. Of course he lied. All politicians lie.

2 FactCheck.org is no longer 100% reliable. They are funded by the Annenberg foundation. Guess who sat on their board....That's right! Comrade Obama! I am not saying that they are 100% biased, but they certainly cannot be counted on for total objectivity with this president. I gurantee he still has friends there.

Silke said...

SSG E, three things:

1. Nothing is ever 100% reliable and my comment was primarily based on the article Chris cited.

2. In order for ACORN to get 8 billion dollars from the stimulus bill they would have to apply for it. Then they would have to compete with all the other organizations who applied for it. Given ACORN’s current situation and the fact that Congress has voted to cut funding for ACORN this is incredibly unlikely.

3. Chris’s statement is misleading. I hope he corrects his post.

Silke said...

Chris, your statement is still misleading.

In fact, Congress just passed legislation stripping ACORN of federal funding. The President still has to sign the bill but it's very unlikely he'll veto it. So to say ACORN is "in line to receive a chunk of another 8.5 BILLION" is incorrect.


Christopher Lee said...

Arguing over semantics. He hasn't passed it, and you can't say with 100% certainty that he won't veto it, so they're still in line for the money. But that's not the point. He says he didn't know about all the money they've gotten and are in line for. So either he's lying or he has no idea what's going on and needs to get rid of his yes men.

Silke said...

$8.5 BILLION vs. $53 million is not semantics. Your point would have been better served if you had stuck to the lower number.

For someone who’s been following this story closely you should know that even if the President doesn’t veto it, ACORN would still have to apply for the funds, compete with all the other organizations who applied for them and then be approved. What evidence do you have that they have even applied for the stimulus funds let alone been approved for them?