Sunday, September 6, 2009

Van Jones Is Out

And it's all because Glenn Beck is the only one in the media doing his job. And it's not even his job. He's a commentator, not a reporter. So not only is Van Jones an Obama failure for even being allowed to become an adviser to the president, but he's a media failure as well because they just sat on their asses and twiddling their thumbs. But this really isn't much of a victory because we have the other 30+ Czars left in there.

It's because of people like Jones that the 912 March On Washington is taking place.


Janie Lynn said...

So get ready for the attacks on Glenn now.

Christopher Lee said...

Attacks on Beck have been going on since Obama took the White House. And now that bastion of Liberal idiocy, Olbermann, has asked his 3 followers to dig up dirt on him.