Saturday, May 22, 2004
I wanted to talk about this subject quickly. I keep hearing that we need to lessen our dependency on foreign oil. I couldn't agree more. Drill Alaska. It may only last us 10 years or so, but that 10 year without having to depend on Arab countries. Then when those 10 years are up, find a different source. But the number one solution I keep hearing about is hybrid cars. Hydrogen, electric or whatever else Ed Begly, Jr. can forcefeed us. What about us cavemen that don't want to drive a wimpy electric car. Have you seen these things. I'm a big man, I can't fit my ass in one of those toy cars. Plus, when I start a car, I want to know it's running. I want to hear the motor come alive. I want to step on the gas and let the neighborhood know I'm there. The cliche, I want to hear that baby purr. I don't want some namby pamby, save the ozone, get 100 miles per gallon, wuss-mobile. I want a good 'ol American made pollution-mobile. Hell, I won't be around when the ozone layer disappears in 1,000 years. What do I care. The Hummer or the 1970 Boss Mustang, those are my dream cars. Like a great man once said, "More Power, Ar, Ar, Ar".

In all my years on this Earth, I've never won anything. Until now. I won a caption contest over at Stark Truth. Check out my prize. Oh, if only it were true. What I wouldn't give to meet Kathy Ireland and take her for a ride in my '70 Boss Mustang. But dreams are what keep us going I guess.
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing