Friday, May 28, 2004
Michael Moore's a piece of shit. Plain and simple. He's now claiming that he has a 20 minute interview with Nick Berg. Moore says he did the interview last year here in America before Berg made his first trip to Iraq. Even Berg's sister's questioning this. Moore's claimed to have sent a copy of the interview to Berg's parents, but there's no way to confirm it because they've been away. He's also refusing to release it to the media. The article wonders why Moore would be interested in a complete unknown young wannabe contractor like Berg. Why would Moore interview a guy who's family insists was pro-Bush and supported the War in Iraq for his anti-Bush film? That's also my question. We saw Moore take advantage of and exploit people for his Bowling For Columbine mockumentry, and I think he's up to it again. Even if he does, why would he even say he has an interview with Berg? You know, just let the family know. You don't have to release this info to the media. But that's what Moore does. He's using this to keep his name out there until Fahrenheit 9/11's released. Knowing how Moore works, I'm not going to believe this until the Berg family says something to confirm it.
Credit: Lexington Herald
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing