Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Get a load of this story. There was a vote in the Senate yesterday to extend federal jobless benefits. An issue Kerry has been stumping on and supporting for some time. Well, the measure failed by just one vote. Can you guess which Senator was the only one not to vote? That's right. 'Ol Sourpuss himself. It seems that attacking W on this subject is more important that actually doing something about it. The Bush camp's already come out swinging saying that Kerry's too busy campaigning to do his job. But wait, Kerry supported the measure. So theoretically he voted for the extension before he didn't' vote for it. I wonder how Kerry and the Left are going to spin this into being Bush's fault. And in a headline within a story,
Right now the unemployment rate in this country is 5.6%. Now I may be wrong, but that doesn't sound like a huge number to. At least not the doom and gloom the Left want us to think it is. Anyway, during the '96 re-election of "Bubba", can you guess what the unemployment rate was? 8%? 3%? 1%? No, it was 5.6%. That's right, 5.6%. The same as it is now. And back then Dems didn't think it was too bad but now they think it's a tragedy. Hypocrisy and Double Standards.

Damn, I don't think I've ever blogged this early before. It's just now 8:00.

Credit: NewsMax

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The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
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