Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Netscape News has a review of Michael moor's new lie filled enema bag called Fahrenheit 9/11. Here's a sample of the report.
"Where "Roger & Me" and "Bowling for Columbine" were personal quests for truth, looking at a subject from different angles and talking to people polls apart in their points of view, Moore stays "on message" here from first shot to last. There is no debate, no analysis of facts or search for historical context. Moore simply wants to blame one man and his family for the situation in Iraq the United States now finds itself in."

Okay, when did Moore ever search for historical context or let facts get in his way of making his movies?
"The movie begins with the contested 2000 presidential election. Moore takes the usual anti-Bush view that the election was stolen. Moore then characterizes Bush as a country bumpkin in the initial months of his presidency, spending 42% of his time on vacation and falling rapidly in public opinion polls."

Same old Liberal talking points. "Bush stole the election". Never mind the fact that EVERY recount done in Florida has Bush winning. And "country bumpkin". That sound like moor's trying to label all us rednecks as slow witted and dumb. I'm proud to be a bumpkin from the country. I take pride in it.
"Then comes 9/11. Moore touchingly conveys this day of infamy with a montage of sounds and visuals that refrains from showing images of airplanes hitting buildings or the World Trade Center collapsing. Instead, we get noise of horror over a blank screen, then shots of crying, horrified people staring into a sky filling with smoke and debris."

Okay, that surprised me. Knowing the kind of ass Moore is, I figured he would be showing the planes slam into the buildings with a picture of Bush laughing the whole time. Moore may actually have a human being living somewhere inside. He should let it out more.
"Even if one agrees with all of Moore's arguments, the film reduces decades of American foreign-policy failures to a black-and-white cartoon that lays the blame on one family. He ignores facts like the policy to arm and support Afghan rebels that began in the Carter administration. For that matter, the Clinton team never mounted a serious effort to go after al-Qaida even after the 1998 embassy bombings in East Africa."

Yeah, everything wrong with the world is Bush's fault. Even before his father was president, he failed to do the right thing. And you can't expect Moore to fault "Bubba". Clinton was a God among the Left. Clinton can do no wrong.
"The movie contains only one episode of Moore's patented "ambushes" of the famous. He collars congressmen leaving Capitol Hill and tries to persuade them to enlist their children to fight in Iraq. Not surprisingly, he has no takers."

Moore wants congressmen to enlist their children to fight in Iraq. Why doesn't Moore spend less money on his hourly grocery shopping and give that money to the people he claims to support from his Manhattan digs?

So this isn't even going to be one of his mockumentries. This is nothing but a, possible two hour, lie filled, fact absent Bush hatefest. All brought to you by the party of peace, love and understanding. Here's some ideas for names for the rebuttal sites that will pop up after this released:
Fahrenheit Truth.com


Credit: Netscape
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