Tuesday, August 3, 2004
The Al Franken Show is heading to television. The Sundance Channel, and obscure satellite and digital cable channel, will be showing a one hour version of Franken's show starting in September. They're taking the best of his three hour show and turning it into a one hour telecast. The best of his show? What are they going to do with the other 59 minutes 50 seconds? Because the best of The Al Franken Show is the part where he signs off for the day.
"Sundance plans to keep the satirist on its network through the November U.S. presidential election, and possibly beyond, a spokesman for Franken said"
I wonder who the Sundace Channel supports for president? I guess both parties think this will help each others ratings. Franken will get all 5 of Sundances viewers and Sundance will get both of Franken's listeners. It's a win win situation.

Credit: Yahoo! News
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