Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Candidate Waffles and his sugar mamma had to sleep in separate bedrooms Sunday night after a campaign rally in Arizona. The two got into a heated argument after the rally and needed a little cooling off time. Your humble blogger, with the help of the VR-WC, has been able to find out what the argument was about.

Waffles - But baby, please don't' cut me off.
Sugar Mamma - I told you John, you've had enough.
Waffles - I can't survive without it.
Sugar Mamma - No more.
Waffles - Fine. I don't need your stupid money anyway.
Sugar Mamma - Is that so?
Waffles - I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I do need it.
Sugar Mamma - Go sleep in the other room tonight, John.
Waffles - Yes ma'am.

Credit: Drudge

Lark, a guess poster over at StarkTruth, made a great point in a post yesterday.
"What is with the sudden indignation over a 527 anti-Kerry ad? I certainly don't remember McCain making a stink over all the 527 anti-Bush ads that have been run. If McCain's problem is that he despises attacks on someone's military service record, then why didn't he strongly defend Bush like this every time some liberal moron group carried on saying Bush had been AWOL? I didn't hear Mr. RINO make a big stink over Kerry when he denigrated Bush's service in the National Guard.

Bush has NEVER spoken critically of Kerry's service record. Kerry did cross that line. That didn't seem to bother McCain"
I've lost a lot of respect for McCain over this.

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