Sunday, August 29, 2004
Started my Christmas shopping today. Had to go the damned mall to get my mom a couple of boxsets, Hank Williams and Conway Twitty. I have only four words to describe today. I Hate The Mall. Got up a 8:00 this morning because the moron I talked to at the store told me they opened a 10 A.M. Wrong. They didn't open until 12. I was there at 9:45 waiting around because someone can't tell time. So I go in there and walk all over the entire place looking for FYE. Guess where it was. Right downstairs from where I came in. I find out they don't open until 12, and I'm already mad. So I leave. I went to Petsmart for some things, then to Best Buy to try and kill some time. I went back to the mall, damn mall, and they're opening the doors just as I walk up. Finally, some good luck. I go in and find the Hank Williams, but can't find the Conway Twitty. I'm ready to blow a gasket. I'm hot, tired and now pissed. I ask the clerk and he goes right to the back and gets it. Here's some more good luck. I got the last copy of each the store had. How about that. Now, as I said, I'm hot, tired and steamed. I pay and leave, only to get lost inside the damn mall. Went the wrong way and had to walk the entire length twice to get back out to the car. Never again. You all can keep the mall. But on the bright side, I think she'll like the CD's. She's crazy for Hank and Conway. I've added the links in case you're a fan as well.

I have an update to my post yesterday about the protesters. I gave a couple of links to some pictures from NYC. It seems the Communists For Kerry isn't real. It's a parody site created by Republicans. The guys dressed up, the signs are all fake. Had me fooled. Check out the site. And if you'll have a look at the pictures, the guy in the "Fags For Bush" shirt is real. He's a homosexual who strongly supports W and wants him re-elected in November. I think that's just great. Read the comments from the link to Slant Point to get the story.
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing