Saturday, August 7, 2004
I got another coward leaving a comment without an e-mail address. That makes two. Just like a Dem to throw a bomb and run. This isn't D.O.D by any chance, is it? Get a load of this from the KERRY TRIED TO RUN post.
"McCain is a true American. George W Bush and you "Kerry Haters" are only interest in this election because you think you will be wealthier if Bush wins. You could give a rat's behind about the young men and women risking their lives in Iraq so that your precious stock portfolio will rise.
"Kerry Haters" How preschool is that!
You can't handle the integrity of John McCain. A loose canon you call him, you make him sound like commodity. Your boy, your puppet George Bush well he Aims right where you tell him to."
Let me break this down and answer it.

Yes, John McCain is a true American. He was captured by the Vietcong and help as a POW, but yet doesn't feel the need to use it for political gain. Kerry could learn something from McCain.

I'm only interested in this election because I think Bush will make me wealthier? Alright, I can move out of the trailer park now. Sweet.

I could give a rats behind about the men and women risking their lives in Iraq? I think you all can judge this one for yourselves.

Bush will make my stock portfolio rise? Dude, I'd better invest in the market then. Anyone of you other rich Republicans got some money I can borrow. I'll pay you back with Bush wins and I become rich.

I freely admit it. I Hate John Kerry.

Back to McCain. When did I ever talk about McCain. I like the guy. He speaks his mind. Just like Bush was a couple of years ago, McCain doesn't listen to polls. Too bad Bush has begun to.

I McCain sound like a commodity. Talk about calling the kettle black. That's not a racist joke. Look at Barack Obama at the DNC. The showed him off like a piece of property.

Bush is my boy? My puppet? How does he aim where I tell him to? I didn't tell him to throw the Taliban out of power. I didn't tell him to kick Saddam's ass. He did on his own. And I commend him for it.

I love it when people are too scare to leave a real name or an e-mail address. Although I do have is IP address, which is just as good.

As promised, here's the second of three polls.

How Many Medals Do You Think America Will Win In The Olympics This Year?

I'll just take my guess here instead of in the Rants. I'm going to say 95 total. 40 Gold, 34 Silver and 21 Bronze.

The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing