Sunday, August 15, 2004
How Cute
I don't read the NY Times, but I know many of you do. I also know the low regard you hold Maureen Dowd in. I think I may understand it a little more. On CBS's Early Show, Dowd called First Lady Laura Bush an attack dog for the GOP because she dared to speak her views on stem cell research. Dowd,
"She's been dragged out to be a Republican attack dog on the most contentious issue, stem cell research, defending her husband's, you know, refusal to use more [stem cell] lines. I think it's a huge mistake. Laura is this fantastic, nice, Marian-the-librarian type who was curled up with a cat on her lap reading Dostoevsky and they drag Laura on to the campaign trail because she had such high approval ratings"
What Mrs. Bush said was that the new science wouldn't do much to cure Alzheimer's. Which, oddly enough, is what Ron Reagan said at the DNC. Huh. I guess Ms. Dowd forgot that part. So does that make Ronnie, Jr. an attack dog for the DNC? I bet Ms. Dowd doesn't think so.

Credit: NewsMax
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