Sunday, September 25, 2005
Hollywoods biggest windbag is back at it. Barbara Streisand is screeching the global warming call.
"We are in a global warming emergency state, and these storms are going to become more frequent, more intense"
So this has been going on since at least 1947. Damn that Truman for starting this. Let's count the Category 5 storms that have occurred in Streisand's lifetime.

1) 1947 an unnamed storm killed 51
2) 1950 Dog killed unknown
3) 1951 Easy killed unknown
4) 1955 Janet killed 681
5) 1958 Cleo killed unknown
6 & 7) 1960 Donna killed 148, Ethel killed 0
8 & 9) 1961 Carla killed 46, Hattie killed 275
10) 1967 Beulah killed 59
11) 1969 Camille killed 259
12) 1971 Edith killed 71
1974 Not a Cat 5 but Fifi killed at least 8000 people that year
13) 1977 Anita killed 10
14) 1979 David killed 2068
15) 1980 Allen killed 259
16) 1988 Gilbert killed 327
17) 1989 Hugo killed 56
18) 1992 Andrew killed 26
19) 1998 Mitch killed 9086
20) 2003 Isabel killed 25
21) 2004 Ivan killed 92
22 & 23) 2005 Katria & Rita total deaths are still unknown

In 58 years there's been 23 Catagory 5 hurricanes. These are nothing new people. Bush's not signing Kyoto isn't causing these hurricanes. The planet goes through natural weather cycles. We're in one now.
We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams.
Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look.


Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

I attribute it to all the hot air in Hollywierd!

Anonymous said...

Of course the fact that they're increasing in regularity means nothing.

And Sean Hannity's thing about how the environmentalists are to blame for Hurricane Katrina is also not going to be mentioned by you I bet.

Christopher Lee said...

Za, you might want to re-read a couple of things.

1) My last sentence in the post. Natural weather cycles. We're in one. These things have been going on for millions of years, it's not man made.

2) Hannity never said enviro-nuts caused Katrina, he said that because of some of their acts more flooding occurred than could have. Their caring about some damn animals more than humans caused quite a few deaths.

Anonymous said...

And of course the fact that "natural weather cycles" naturally change due to pollution and temperature changes, not to mention shifts in ocean currents of course makes all the difference.

The fact is that the weather IS shifting.

1) When I said Hurricane Katrina, I didn't mean the weather patterns, I meant the situation.
2) Did you read the article? Hannity's an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and did you hear the latest?

More than 1,188,145 square kilometres of the artic has melted away in the past 25 years. If it were natural, the melting rate would fluctuate, but it just goes up and up every year. The oceans are warming up...

And you know what happens when the oceans warm up? *gasp* Tropical weather patterns!