Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Return Of The Flip-Flops

I actually supported more troops before I didn't before I did before I didn't. It seems that Mr. Reid is the quintessential weather vane politician.


Anonymous said...

Une question folle:
Any comments?

I think that there's a itty-bitty bias towards presenting only one side as "flip-flopping".

Anonymous said...

Just because a cartoonist says its so; it MUST be true!! ROFLMAO...but not at the lame ass cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Such an intellectual response John - how's about I turn it around for you?

Just because a completely biased individual says it isn't so, it MUST be false!

How's about you actually look into what people say before you mock them? Or are you omniscient? If someone makes an accusation, it's generally best to check it out before dismissing it. But that's reasoning bias for you.

Anonymous said...

"reasoning bias"????
What the hell are you talking about?? Get a grip man..